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Olori Dame Ayo Yemisi Jaiyeola is a woman of many lives and parts.

She grew into the clergy family having been birthed by The Venerable Rufus Ayoade Akinwale & Late Mrs Esther Olabisi Akinwale both of Ibadan, Oyo State, six decades ago. An old student of YABA MODEL PRIMARY SCHOOL, METHODIST PRIMARY SCHOOL And the prestigious school, “LAGOS ANGLICAN GIRLS GRAMMAR SCHOOL S/L, LAGOS. '83 class.

She was trained as teacher at the then Methodist Teacher Training College, Shagamu in Ogun State. She later attended the Polytechnic Ibadan for a Diploma in Music and advanced to The University of Ife (now) Obafemi Awolowo University for Music. (majoring in Voice Physiology and Church Musicianship, Speech & Drama).

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Our Mission

To ease the burdens of widows and their children.

To provide support for widows through the grieving process and beyond

To provide life transition resources and immediate connection which will facilitate the healing process

To enlighten communities by creating awareness to foster the rebuilding of the lives of these widows

To encourage communities to embrace and we uplift the widows as they try to pick up the pieces of their lives

Our Vision: Equipping Communities with necessary information to cater, encourage and advance the cause of widows

To provide a strong network of widows.

Empowering widows by encouraging the sharing of experiences.

To open the door of a safe haven for widows

To provide short term sheltering

To engage them in living and loving again...

To ensure they do not go through their experience alone, but with life-long connections and lasting support.

To provide counsel, guidance and an avenue for good rapport

To show understanding, offer a listening ear and provide an enabling environment in which widows can freely express themselves

To provide emotional, physical, spiritual, emotional and financial support for the widows


God’s Wives (by Serendipity) provides a display for a conference and to bring the needs of widows in front of other exhibitors, etc.

This ministry is needed in our communities to help minister to the hearts and spiritual growth of widows and to encourage them to find home in God through His Word and other believers. This is an ongoing mission to care and to love these ladies on their journey into and through widowhood.

Ayo Yemisi- Jaiyeola, Missioner of God’s Wives (by Serendipity) has been led to facilitate and to help other churches and organizations to adopt this ministry as we are commanded in James 1:27 – “to care for the orphans and the widows.”

We encourage you to consider this ministry; to reach out and fellowship with those on the journey of widowhood. A ministry that you will find is a blessed gift from God and is vital to our churches and/or communities.

In addition to God’s Wives (by Serendipity) which is open to all ages, we have a new ministry called Young Queens® that is designed specifically for young widows on this journey and possibly have minor children still at home. The needs of young widows varies greatly because they have been robbed of their future in growing old with their husband and most likely left a single Mum in the process.

AYJ welcomes the opportunity to visit with you to help you analyze the needs within your church or community in how you hold to the command of James 1:27.

AYJ has experienced a very harsh widowhood life as a young wife and understands their needs. Her desires are to see this ministry extend to all areas of our nation and worldwide. The only way this can happen is through the help of other believers who are open to God’s calling on their lives.

We pray that you will consider this ministry and ask for God’s guidance in leading this ministry to your area. We also pray that you will look into the faces and hearts of your church and community and see that the needs of widows do exist.
This ministry is solely dependent upon honorariums for speaking engagements, donations of food stuff into “our store house” from which widows get fed monthly and individual cash contributions for the ministry.

This is because of its nonprofit status.
Ayo Yemisi-Jaiyeola is not only Founder and President as fondly called by her over 2000 widows who depend on her God- intellectual endowment, but she is an inspirational speaker to give the ladies hope and encouragement in knowing they are not alone on their journey and to share with other women and young couples. AYJ wishes to help any church to minister to the needs of widows through adopting this ministry but also to help plan and provide a conference or retreat for these special ladies.



Pastor Nike Adeyemi supports and encourages me forever. 

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